• The Window Cleaner That Also Cleans the Air (TM)

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A Simple Step Toward a Cleaner, Healthier Home


Light interacts with treated surfaces in your home, car or office and creates a natural air purifier and odor eliminator.

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Applied to any surface that gets UVA light, PURETi continuously resists the buildup of organic matter and other contaminants.

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Learn How Pureti + Light Purifies and Cleans

Vital Oxide + PURETi

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If you or a loved one is suffering any type of respiratory ailments, I strongly recommend adding PURETI to your home cleaning routine. Thank you to the team at PURETI for allowing my boys to have the cleanest air they can in their home environment. 

Mother of 8 year twins with rare genetic lung disorder

PURETi treated Fabric was found to remove 84% of the nicotine in the air in only 20 min of exposure – a performance that was 6 times better than the control.

Primetime Laboratories

I was initially very skeptical about PURETi’s indoor air quality improvement claims. I’m happy to say that PURETi delivered a better than promised result and I will be talking to our customers about this cost effective solution going forward.

Hillhouse Construction - Palo Alto, CA

Patented Science of PURETi

Light energy strikes a PURETi treated service and briefly transforms humidity in the air into powerful oxidizing agents that destroy harmful volatile organic compounds and pollutants in the air. The process repeats itself millions of times per second, continuously cleaning the air.

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Simple, Safe and Versatile

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