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PURETi formulates its TiO2 solutions to be their own binders. This makes the products very durable and highly effective – producing results faster and with less light.

Cost Effective

Producing more benefit over a longer period of time, and with a nominal cost of application, PURETi generate a significant return on investment.


PURETi can be spray applied in ambient temperatures onto almost any surface, making it the ideal solution for the built environment, inside and out. The products dry invisibly, not impacting the appearance of the surface.

Ease of Use

The PURETi Clean & Fresh formulation is a truly unique combination of cleaner and photocatalytic surface treatment that can be delivered with a common trigger sprayer in a spray and wipe application.

Easy to Use - Tips for Applying to Surfaces

  • Prep the surface by ensuring the surface is (a) clean of dust of particles that would prevent the solution with bonding on the surface, (b) not hot and (c) dry so the solution will not be diluted

  • Spray PURETi Clean & Fresh directly onto the surface. Do not spray onto the towel first.

  • Apply liberally. You want the entire surface to be damp but not dripping.

  • Limit your application area to about 3 feet by 3 feet - before continuing with other sections. Don’t let the product dry on the surface before you get a chance to wipe it.

  • Wipe the surface area using gentle pressure to “polish” until the surface is dry and streak free. The goal is to apply PURETi to the surface, not wipe it off.

  • For best results, use a clean, microfiber towel (with most orders we send a special PURETi towel). Replace the towel with a new one when saturated or dirty.

  • Inspect the surface from multiple angles to make sure it is clean. Since you wont need to clean for a long time after, important make sure it looks good from the beginning.

PURETi is effective on surfaces where there is enough light to activate PURETi

Curtains or Fabric
Stainless Steel
Painted Walls or Table Top

PURETi is a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner

PURETi is registered safe for surface contact with the NSF

PURETi’s has been tested and verified at top independent laboratories

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