Light + PURETi Creates a Self-Cleaning Surface

PURETi Treated Surfaces Become An Active "Factory" of Cleaning Agents that Destroy Organic Grime

Destroys organic matter before it can reach the surface

Creates a layer of protection that resists oil

Treated surface will deflect and not allow beading

Cleans the air at the same time as the surface

Keeps Surfaces Clean for 3 Months

PURETi continuously reduces grime, organic compounds, bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus for all surfaces where applied.

Compare to traditional spray and clean products. PURETi only needs to be applied once every 3 months versus daily or weekly.

A Cost Effective and Safe Cleaning Solution for All Surfaces

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Made in USA

PURETi is a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner

PURETi is registered safe for surface contact with the NSF

PURETi’s has been tested and verified at top independent laboratories

Simple, Safe and Versatile

Spray PURETi onto almost any surface, inside and outside. The product drys invisibly and bonds to the surface without staining or changing its appearance.

PURETi is child and pet safe. Titanium Dioxide, the active ingredient in PURETi, is a naturally occurring mineral and is widely used in other household products including many toothpastes and sunscreens. 

Patented Science of PURETi

Light energy strikes a PURETi treated service and briefly transforms humidity in the air into powerful oxidizing agents that destroy harmful volatile organic compounds and pollutants in the air. The process repeats itself millions of times per second, continuously cleaning the air.