Use the Power of Light to Clean

PURETi creates a self-cleaning surface through 3 fundamental functionalities


Breakup of organic matter at the molecular level


Sheathing of water - as opposed to beading


Resistance to oil - preventing buildup on surface

Science of PURETi: Photocatalysis Creates Two Powerful Cleaning Agents

  • Light energy strikes a PURETi treated service and activates PURETi´ photocatalytic TiO2 particles

  • PURETi then uses this energy to briefly transform humidity in the air into powerful oxidizing agents that destroy harmful VOCs and pollutants in the air, then return to being water vapor.

  • The process repeats itself millions of times per second, destroying all pollutants

  • Normal air flow circulates pollutants to the PURETi treated surface, continuously cleaning the air

Sustainable Approach to Cleaning

Many ordinary household cleaners and solvents contain materials such as acids, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lye and other toxic chemicals that can pollute our air.

Now your window, cleaned with PURETi and activated by light, actually destroys these VOCs.

PURETi is a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner

PURETi is registered safe for surface contact with the NSF

PURETi’s has been tested and verified at top independent laboratories

Simple, Safe and Versatile

Spray PURETi onto almost any surface, inside and outside. The product drys invisibly and bonds to the surface without staining or changing its appearance.

PURETi is child and pet safe. Titanium Dioxide, the active ingredient in PURETi, is a naturally occurring mineral and is widely used in other household products including many toothpastes and sunscreens.